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*Serious Shoppers Only*
*For your comfort in our space, AND so as not to overwhelm the bride with too many opinions, please limit the number of guests to: Bride +4*

What to Expect:

We’re so excited to have you visit our shop! 

We are a locally owned boutique with an excellent variety of styles and sizes (or so we’ve been told by other brides, like you). 

For two reasons, we ask that you limit your entourage to Bride +4.  First, we have limited space and can’t accommodate multiple large parties.  Second, and to your benefit: I have watch time and time again as brides get discouraged and overwhelmed by too many -or not the right- opinions.  Keep your group small and include only the closest, most supportive people for your benefit.

Saturdays can be very busy, and we will overlap appointments.  You do need to have an appointment scheduled for Saturdays, and it is recommended you schedule AT LEAST two weeks in advance; we cannot guarantee availability the week-of.  While we don’t limit your time with us, we do schedule bridal appointments every 1.5 hours per stylists available.  If you have been here more than 1.5 hours, and there is an appointment following you, we may need to step away to check in another bride and split our time between the two of you for the remaining time you are shopping.  If you are the bride being checked in and we need to split time, please be assured we will take good care of you, and will afford you the same courtesy if you’re here longer! 

If you come in on a week day without an appointment, you may be asked to wait if we have other appointments already scheduled, as appointments take precedence.  That said, we will do our best to work you in.

Our stylists work together as a team to best help you and support each other.  If necessary, you may start out being helped by one of us, and then another stylist may step in as-needed!  Each of us loves being a part of this shopping experience, and we are excited to meet you!  ♥ ~ adorned


1265 S. Cotner Blvd Suite 27 Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

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